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About Poclain Hydraulics Inc

Located in the heartland of America as part of a global company we partner with our North American customers providing service excellence from development to delivery execution. In recent years, we have made significant investments in order to expand and grow our location in North America. By nearly doubling our footprint, we have advanced and expanded our production capacities and renewed our commitment to providing exceptional local support. With Poclain, you have access to local support for design and commissioning as well as local production, which is reinforced by our global network.

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PM70 ¾ Heavy-Duty Pump, Poclain Hydraulics Inc

PM70 ¾ Heavy-Duty Pump

The new PM70 ¾ heavy-duty pump is capable of operating at 420 bar (6000 psi) of max pressure. It is the latest PM pump range addition, which now spans displacements from 7 to 70cc/rev. Sized for a range machines including large soil & asphalt compactors, loaders, forklifts, & telehandlers, the PM70’s design is similar to the PM30 and PM50 for easy inventory management and conversions. Controls include mechanical servo with feedback, hydraulic servo, and elecro-proportional with feedback.

Preview: MT07 High-Performance Radial Motor for Track Drives, Poclain Hydraulics Inc

Preview: MT07 High-Performance Radial Motor for Track Drives

The MT07 is our new high-performance radial motor for track drives. Designed mainly for CTLs, it helps enhance the machine’s productivity thanks to higher speed and superior efficiency, with a displacement of 30 – 56 cu. in/rev in a compact and balanced envelope. It has high load capacity bearing support, superior pollution resistance, equal performance in forward/reverse, versatile configuration to ease integration and a high performance parking/emergency brake. Preview the MT07 at IFPE 2020.

CreepDrive™ Constant Low Speed, Poclain Hydraulics Inc

CreepDrive™ Constant Low Speed

CreepDrive™ is our hybrid mechanical-hydraulic transmission that allows vehicles who travel at normal speeds on-road to perform work functions at constant low speeds up to 7.5 mph, while maintaining the high engine RPM required for auxiliary system functions. When disengaged, vehicles can drive at normal speeds on-road with no mechanical transmission efficiency losses. Optimized for simple chassis installation, CreepDrive helps end users to maximize productivity, work quality and driver comfort.


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